Friday, February 8, 2013

United Kingdom Birth Place of Bingo Sites

The bingo is the most famous in the United Kingdom. Most of the bingo sites are based out in the United Kingdom and hence the most popular sites for the bingo online games are also available in the United Kingdom. The sites are made keeping in mind the British markets but the players who play who these online games need not necessarily be from the United Kingdom. Since the bingo games are played online they can be played from anywhere in the world irrespective of the place. You can play these games even better and at any point of time since they are available 365 days a year.

There are many sites which provide the best bonus and payments while you play the online bingo. Some of the popular sites in the United Kingdom are as under:

Winner Bingo:

This game of bingo was launched in the June 2012 and one should not give this site a miss. The site is very attractive with its bright and vibrant colors most of them orange colored and pictures. The site runs of the virtual fusion software and can be played at ease by the players. The site has 90 balls and 75 balls bingo, networking games and also branded games.

Lucky touch bingo:

This bingo game is considered as a rare game of bingo. This game is appealing equally to the men and women. The color scheme used in this game is purple, green and orange. When the member players make the deposit for playing the game for the first time they get various benefits and they are continued for further deposits.

Kitty Bingo:

The kitty bingo gives a totally different experience while playing online. The cat theme initially may put off the players but the game is worth playing. The site provides a bonus of 10 pounds when the player registers and the players have to add their card details in order to get these 10 pounds. The site also provides newbies which qualifies for the kitty bingo.

Nutty bingo:

This site is the latest on the shelves. There is no deposit required to get registered on this site. Besides this the site provides a 1 pound prize to the player when they are registered for the first time. There is a wide range of bingo rooms available in the site to be played by the players.

Robinhood bingo:

This is the legendary site created specially based on the British culture. When a person deposits the money the player gets a 250% deposit bonus.

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